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Caregiver Corner

Safeguarding Seniors: Caregiver Emergency Resources

The CEI Foundation is committed to supporting caregivers in their vital role of caring for older adults. We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities caregivers face when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of their loved ones during emergencies.

Whether you're a family caregiver or a professional, this resource hub is designed to provide essential information, tools, and resources to help you plan and respond effectively in times of crisis. Here, you can find comprehensive guides to emergency preparedness tailored to the needs of older adults, helping you navigate the complexities of safeguarding their health, comfort, and peace of mind during emergencies.

CEI Foundation does not endorse any of the organizations listed below. We are simply sharing them as prospective resources for emergency preparedness purposes. 

AgeOptions Emergency Preparedness web page has checklists, a situation summary and sources and materials to keep older adults and caregivers

Caregiver Tools (Programs & orgs who support patients & caregivers local & nationally

How to Prepare Before a Disaster Occurs (for older adults)

CDC Creating a Plan

Caregiver.,org Where to Find my Important Papers Checklist

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness for Caregivers of Veterans

Emergency Preparedness for Caregivers

“How to Create Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Plans for Your Loved Ones”

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